About Ancient Military History

Welcome to Ancient Military History, a place to learn about and be entertained by warfare in that epic time when man entered history. We will cover the time when tribes first organized into battle lines to the middle ages, a time when civilization was born and humankind developed all of the major fields of learning. Despite this, as regretably can be said of our own times, barbarism  ran rampant. Disputes were settled by violence and war. Warfare itself came into it’s own, gone were the days of squabbling tribes for a new age had dawned. Battles were epic and so was the slaughter. Thousands marched against each other and new war machines took to the battlefields. From this time sprang great generals, new breads of warriors and the roots of modern military organization. With weapons in hand, these warrior ancestors of ours conquered, died and defeated each other for centuries, and it is our intent to explore this and pull out the most interesting, poignant and oddest parts!


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