100 Most Famous People in History


History's Most Famous People

The Most Famous People in History

History’s 100 Most Famous People

Ever wonder who the most famous people in history are? Well wonder no more. Here is History’s Top 100 Famous People of All Time! (It’s the official list of History)

Using a sophisticated formula, we at the Famous Persons Institute have found out who the most famous people in history are in order! This was calculated by determining if every person ever (living or dead) has heard of the famous person then dividing it by the percent the world that knew about them to get their WFSP (WFSP: World Fame Saturation Percent).  We then had an intern put them in order. (Thanks Craig)

Note: This list may be slightly skewed towards Western culture, not on purpose though!

Note Two: The Famous Persons Institute has substituted Johnny Cash in for the 100th most famous person ever instead of the Chandra Gupta I, founder of the Gupta Empire of India due to gross negligence and respect for early 90’s Johnny Cash music.

Note Three: Recent (living) figures such as Clinton or Bush haven’t been added because we don’t have enough historical perspective to judge their long term fame prospects. If you are not on this list this could be the reason.

The 100 Most Famous People in History
1. Jesus
2. Mohammad
3. Buddha
4. Hitler
5. Napoleon
6. Confucius
7. Julius Ceasar
8. Genghis khan
9. Alexander the Great
10. Moses
11. Einstein
12. Darwin
13. Abraham (the original)
14. Shakespeare
15. Newton
16. Washington
17. Martin Luther (German Priest)
18. Christopher Columbus
19. Marco Polo
20. Ghandi
21. da Vinci
22. Lincoln
23. Elvis
24. Plato
25. Mozart
26. Simon Bolivar (Liberator of South America)
27. Queen Elizabeth
28. Charlemagne
29. Augustus
30. Franklin
31. Wright Brothers
32. Jefferson
33. Churchill
34. Stalin
35. Saladin (Great Anti-crusader)
36. Beethoven 
37. Cleopatra
38. Attilla the hun
39. Sigmund Freud
40. Emperor Qin (The First Chinese Emperor)
41. Michelangelo Buonarotti
42. William the Conqueror
43. Aristotle
44. Hannibal Barca
45. Constantine the Great
46. Kublai Khan
47. Magellan
48. Socrates
49. Cortez
50. Henry VIII
51. King David (David & Goliath, later biblical king)
52. Joan of Arc
53. Bach
54. Sun Tzu
55. King Tut (Tutankhamun)
56. Lenin (Not the singer)
57. Carl Marx
58. Zoroaster (Founder of the once popular religion)
59. Vincent Van Gogh
60. Nero
61. Vlad the Impaler (Dracula)
62. Ivan the Terrible
63. Tamerlane (A.K.A. Timur)
64. Herodotus (Greek Father of History)
65. Ramses II
66. Suleiman the Magnificent
67. Hadrian
68. Nefertiti
69. Shaka (Zulu)
70. Chairmen Mao
71. Khufu (The guy with the biggest pyramid)
72. Frederick the Great
73. Charlie Chaplin
74. Louis XXIV
75. Philip of Macedonia
76. St. Paul (key guy in early Christian Church)
77. Sir Francis Drake
78. Cài Lún (credited as inventor of paper)
79. El Cid
80. Roosevelt (FDR)
81. Martin Luther King, jr
82. Osama Bin Laden
83. Neil Armstrong
84. Mark Twain
85. Pol Pot
86. Harry Houdini
87. John F. Kennedy
88. Scipio Africanus
89. Mother Teresa
90. Michael Jackson
91. Amelia Earhart
92. Pythagoras
93. Walt Disney
94. Babe Ruth
95. Pericles
96. Jesse James (Not the Cheater or adult film star)
97. Muhammad Ali
98. Johannes Gutenberg (inventor of the printing press)
99.  Emperor Gaozu of Han (founder of the Han Dynasty in China)
100. Johny Cash

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22 Responses to 100 Most Famous People in History

  1. dole says:

    Why isn’t Michael Jackson on this list?

  2. admin says:

    The basic reason is because entertainers fame doesn’t seem to last long in history and this is the list of the most famous in history. MJ has been hugely popular for 30 years, while someone like Emperor Qin has been famous for 2000 years. That being said he may have more lasting star power because he was so big, so iconic and so weird. I’m going to place him in slot #90 and remove Billy the Kid.

  3. Mac dre says:

    He is on the list Dumb Asses!!!

  4. Kyle says:

    Why isn’t Nostradomus on this list?

  5. Jason says:

    No, Apostole Paul?

  6. Jason says:

    oops. see him, never mind.

  7. cam says:

    BABE RUTH. the first thing foreigners thought about america for years

  8. 272727 says:

    I can’t tell if the people saying MJ isn’t on the list are stupid or trolling.

  9. safeer ahmad says:

    this is the officialy last of 100 famous persons ….. why isn’t MUHAMMAD(P.B.U.H) it the toper

  10. safeer ahmad says:

    this is the officialy last of 100 famous persons … why isn’t MUHAMMAD(PBUH) IT THE TOP OF THE LAST

  11. Ramopine says:

    I skimmed this list however when I took a further look I could not help laugh when i saw Johnny Cash as 100…. Classic.

  12. unknown says:

    whr is jinnah he was as famous as gandhi but becoz he was muslim so he wasnt in the list

  13. chris says:

    if you have to put (not the singer) on “Lenin” than apparently he’s not that famous to start with.

  14. admin says:

    Actually Jinnah wasn’t on the list because I had never heard of him, has nothing to do with his religion. Many countries have founders, I just don’t know about them because I’m from the West and the list has a bias since I don’t know the most famous people in all cultures. I attempted to compensate for that but the futuristic software AncientMilitaryHistory.com developed to calculate world fame also suffered from a Western view point. Where would you propose that Jinnah goes?

  15. Bangla says:

    You go to rural provinces in Africa, Asia or South America, nobody there knows Babe Ruth or Johnny Cash. But they all know who Bruce Lee was, or who Pele is. For me, top 5 most famous / iconic figures of recent times: Michael Jackson, Pele, Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone (for his Rocky & Rambo roles) & Muhammad Ali. One would also add Superman & Mickey Mouse if they had passports.

  16. Ayomide says:

    Why isn’t Alexandra the great on the list

  17. abu mustafa says:

    how come bruce lee is not on the list . dont tell me you did not hear about him

  18. admin says:

    He’s #9.

  19. ultimateS says:

    Gandhi #20 😀
    No, he deserves much more, same for Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick the Great and da Vinci.
    Who cares about Mark Twain, put PSY xD
    Are you sure Moses exists?
    Michelangelo Buonarotti IT WAS A FU***** PAINTER, who cares?
    El Cid, Johny Cash, Pol Pot, put them out
    Up with Christopher Columbus down with Marco Polo…
    Cài Lún (credited as inventor of paper) THIS GUY CREATED THE PAPER!

  20. anonymous says:

    is it 100 most famous people in the world or “100 most famous people in europe”?

  21. admin says:

    This is actually bias towards Western history. The reason for that is that the panel of the Greatest in Historology was formed from a single Western country. Do you have any suggestions that should have made the list?

  22. admin says:

    Jesus is know in both the Koran and Bible. PBUH is not in the bible.

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