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Aztec Weapons

Ancient Aztec Weapons Every ancient Aztec weapon had a unique and specific use, with Aztec warriors designated to specialize in them. Aztec warfare was very organized, complex and full of ritual and tradition. We know a significant amount about some … Continue reading

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Cavalry Comapared to Tank Warfare

A connection between the tactics used in ancient cavalry and modern tank warfare is apparent. Massing cavalry units to break through enemy lines has been a successful tactic since the beginnings of cavalry forces. OK, maybe not the beginning, but … Continue reading

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The Greatest Ancient Generals

This is a tough question, due largely to the different armies and definitions of what makes a great general. So, I’m just going to skip the explanations since it’s a personal judgment thing anyhow.  Now, without any further blathering, here … Continue reading

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Civilization in the Ancient Amazon

When most people, including myself until recently, think about the tribes of the Amazon basin they think of small bands of semi-nomadic hunter gatherers who live in small villages. People assume, as did most scientists throughout the first half of … Continue reading

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100 Most Famous People in History

        History’s 100 Most Famous People Ever wonder who the most famous people in history are? Well wonder no more. Here is History’s Top 100 Famous People of All Time! (It’s the official list of History) Using … Continue reading

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Ancient Roman Weapons

Roman soldiers are associated with some of the most iconic weapons of ancient history. The gladius (their sword) and the pilum (their heavy javelin) clearly identify the Roman soldiers to anyone at all familiar with ancient military history. In this … Continue reading

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The Most Evil Empires in History

The most evil empires in history list – When simply killing those that oppose you won’t do… #1 The 3rd Reich (Germany 1933 – 1945 AD) – 100% PURE Evil You just can’t beat the Holocaust and brutal medical experiments … Continue reading

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Making a REAL Spartan spear

I have long been a fan of constructing ancient weapons and have found great joy in it. This summer I’m taking on a new project, a Spartan spear replica. It sure will beat a walking stick for hikes, particularly if … Continue reading

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Welcome to Ancient Military History!

Welcome to Ancient Military History, your place for information about ancient peoples and the conflicts that shaped their world. We will explore ancient weapons, tactics, grand strategy and the societies that employed them in their bid for dominance of the … Continue reading

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